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AACM Central Europe has been involved in EU grant programmes and consultancy projects aiming the support the green transition in the residential, public and SME sectors.

Key projects are presented below.


Key Projects

Project RenoHUb

AACM Central Europe is a project partner in an innovation action funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme on-going since November 2019 (the project acronym: RenoHUb). The project aims to promote the upscale energy retrofits in the residential sector in Hungary by adopting the “one-stop-shop” approach. The specific  responsibilities of the  firm include  among  other the  development  of  an economically business model, and supporting local financial institutions in the development of green finance products.



AACM Central Europe is a project partner in a transnational action funded by the EU Interreg Central Europe programme ongoing since April 2019 (the project acronym: PROSPECT2030). The project supports the planning of green economic transition at regional (NUTS 2) level with a particular focus on renewables, and intends to develop a set of policy recommendations for more cost-effective use of public grants.


EIB Green Initiative Facility

AACM Central Europe was appointed as Country Coordinator (October 2012 – July 2015) for the implementation of the Green Initiative Facility of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Hungary on behalf of a consortium led by GFA Consulting Group (Germany). EIB Green Initiative Facility provides combined loan and grant finance for energy efficiency and renewable investments in the industrial and residential sectors in various CEE countries. In Hungary, the main focus of the Facility includes the upgrading of the energy performance of housing associations/condominiums and replacement of agricultural and industrial equipment. Activities have been recently extended to the Czech Republic.



Energy Efficiency Window in Hungary

Between 2009 and 2014, AACM Central Europe in consortium with Environ Poland was the Project Manager of EU/EBRD Municipal Finance Facility - Energy Efficiency Window in Hungary (2009-2014) and in was in this capacity responsible for the management of a team of energy and financial experts supporting the implementation of a joint EU/EBRD loan and grant facility providing financial support for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in the municipal sector (the grant element of both schemes was funded from the EU budget).

Study on key EU funded sustainable energy projects

In 2016, AACM Central Europe was retained by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to conduct a study concerning the identification and assessment of key EU funded sustainable energy projects planned in the Central and Eastern Europe for potential partnership with major UK international contractors. The study covered 11 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries.


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