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May 2019

The ERDF funded Interreg PROSPECT2030 project has been launched in order to improve territorially based low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation. Ten project partners out of six central european countries are involved in the project and aiming to support the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by promoting low-carbon strategies for all types of territories, in particular for urban areas, including the promotion of sustainable multimodal urban mobility and mitigation-relevant adaptation measures.



November 2019

The EU-funded RenoHUb project will upscale the energy retrofits of old homes in Hungary through the development of an integrated business model. It will address the entire value chain of home retrofitting – from social, behavioural, communication and capacity building aspects through to supporting the decision-making and technical implementation, as well as the ex post assessment of energy and cost saving. The project has a special focus on financing as well, as high investment cost is one of the major reason for low energy refurbishment rates.

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